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The enhancement to the proven OnyxCeph3™ CA® SMART 3D remains focused on the needs of laboratory owners in terms of precise planning, transposition and control of digital aligner and multiband solutions. Besides already existing functions like processing 2D and 3D data sets, segmenting teeth, creating presentations, digital bracket placement and exporting print data, the newly added modules in version 2.0, V.T.O. 3D and Kylix 3D, allow for new comprehensive features such as serial export of all aligner steps and transfer of bracket positions.

Single modules Aligner 3D and Bonding Trays 3D are available separately for users of OnyxCeph3™.

  • System Requirements:
  • Network server and workstation with Intel 2.3 GHz (or higher), 8 GB of RAM, 64-bit system, 200 GB HD space, operating system Windows 7 or later / Server OS, 1000 Mbps Ethernet, graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX / GTS or equivalent.


OnyxCeph3 CA® SMART 3D 2.0

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