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The tray system of the Asiga MAX™ allows for easy changing and refilling of materials. We offer four trays with maximum print volumes of 1l, 2l, 5l or 10l and a maximum fill level of 300 to 400 ml per application. Each tray is equipped with a RFID chip recording the object volume generated during the print job. Once the maximum print volume is reached, the printer recognizes through the RFD chip that the tray must be replaced and displays this information to the user.

It is not possible to use the tray exceeding the maximum print volume.

This product is part of the complete digital process chain: optimized for orthodontic practices and laboratories, comprising products and services by SCHEU-DENTAL and CA DIGITAL.


Asiga MAX Tray

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Each print job requires a specific resin according to the requirements of the print order. A change of material is carried out by exchanging the tray and cleaning the model platform.

The trays are available with a maximum print volume of 1 l, 2 l, 5 l and 10 l. The maximum print volumes are stored in an RFID chip attached to the wall of the tray. The generated print volume is assigned to each print job. The used print volume is indicated on the display, once the print job is finished.